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At Tasks Unlimited, we believe that a stable, supportive work environment is critical to successful mental health recovery.

The supported employment program, or JOBS program, offers mental health services, paid on-the-job training and basic living skills development. Staff and peers understand mental illness and provide accommodations that allow program participants to complete their work with greater ease and success. Participants learn how to cope with the symptoms of their mental illness, as well as how to find appropriate interventions before mental health deterioration comprises their daily work life.

Participants can take part in the JOBS program with or without supported housing. All participants must qualify for and complete one of Tasks Unlimited’s paid training programs upon admission. Successful training graduates average nearly 11 years of steady employment with the organization.

Program participants are employed through Tasks Unlimited Building Services, a subsidiary of the organization that provides janitorial service, mailroom assistance and grounds maintenance for businesses.

Previous work experience is not required for admission.