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Tasks Unlimited Building Services provides award-winning janitorial service, mailroom support, remodeling assistance and outdoor maintenance to federal, state and county agencies as well as private businesses. Our executive management team boasts over 70 years of combined experience as well as multiple industry certifications. We are ready to partner with your team to provide an economical office cleaning solution that meets the needs of your organization.
Tasks Unlimited’s fully-insured commercial cleaning crews offer high supervisor-to-worker ratios and rigorous quality control inspections to meet your organization’s standards. Janitorial supervisors remain available for the endurance of a crew’s shift, ensuring all work is finished with satisfaction.
As an accredited rehabilitation facility for people living with serious mental illness, a number of our crew members come directly from our mental health programs. Tasks unlimited believes that there are many direct benefits to hiring persons with disabilities, such as low turnover and high job satisfaction. As a result, we boast well-integrated and diverse crews with an average of nearly eleven years of experience.
“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate the extra effort your employees gave to us to assist us in preparing for the visit from one of our Organization’s prominent people. The employees from Tasks Unlimited responded quickly to each request we made during the two weeks before the visit. They gave their full attention to details and performed those tasks in a friendly and professional manner. Their assistance was, and continues to be, much appreciated.” –Mary, Building Tenant from an office in contract with Tasks Unlimited Building Services